YORK – Krista JJ Shultz, 22, has been accused of numerous charges after the York County Sheriff’s Department investigated reports that she was selling methamphetamine at the Sun Motel at the Henderson interchange.

Shultz appeared in York County District Court this past week, where she pleaded not guilty to all counts against her.

She is charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to deliver, a Class 2 felony that carries a possible maximum sentence of 1-50 years in prison; theft by receiving stolen property with a value less than $200, a Class 2 misdemeanor; and accessory to a felony, which is a Class 3A felony that carries a possible maximum sentence of five years in prison.

A trial was set for June 24.

She is currently in jail with a $10,000, 10 percent bond.

Her attorney, York County Public Defender Nancy Waldron, told Judge James Stecker her client “has ties to York County, was working at the Henderson motel and would like to go to a rehabilitation facility. She is asking for a decrease in the amount of her bond.”

“Initially, her bond was $50,000, 10 percent,” argued Deputy York County Attorney Benjamin Dennis, “which was based on the seriousness of her crimes. But it was lowered on the condition that she is not to have contact with her co-defendant who has been wanted in Hall County for a long period of time. In late January, the sheriff’s department received information that they were living in the motel and selling methamphetamine there.”

Dennis indicated the co-defendant has since disappeared and hasn’t been located since.

“The state’s position is that she has no intention of honoring that agreement and she is a flight risk,” Dennis said. “Rather than a bond reduction, I think it is appropriate for the bond to be raised back up to $50,000.”

Judge Stecker left the bond where it was and she was remanded back to the custody of the sheriff’s department.