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West Texas-It’s a deadly and very addictive drug that’s being used by oilfield workers both out on the field and behind the wheel.

Drug Screen Compliance in Odessa says they’ve seen a dramatic increase of oilfield workers testing positive for methamphetamine.

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“We see methamphetamine consistently, we have for many years, but as we’ve just seen it’s frighteningly increasing,” said Stephen Linneman, the owner of Drug Screen Compliance.

Linneman has several offices throughout West Texas and says he and his lab assistants first started to notice that more screenings were coming out positive for methamphetamine last year.

“We had a positive rate of about 9% in 2013, which is a very large percentage of increase when you base it against the nation, which is probably around 2 -3%,” said Linneman.

Linneman says there are a number of reasons as to why many oilfield workers are using the drug.

“You have cash accessibility—these oilfield workers are making a lot of money, and you have the proximity to the border of Mexico, so accessibility there is very large,” said Linneman.

Several truck drivers that we spoke with earlier today all confirmed that methamphetamine is being used widely throughout the industry.

They said people are using the drug to work longer hours, adding that the it only stays in your system anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Linneman says the best way to control and prevent employees from drug abuse overall is to have all companies perform random tests frequently, and to educate their employees about the growing problem.



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