SEREMBAN: Bus drivers especially those driving express buses are turning to methamphetamine from cannabis (ganja) as it is longer lasting and easily concealed.

State Road Transport Department (RTD) director Saiful Azzri Hamzah said drivers took the drug to drive longer and do more trips.

“Bus drivers can drive for a lengthy period after taking methamphetamine. This is where the appeal is as they can do more trips.

“Subsequently, express bus drivers drive fast to pursue more trips. It must be curbed to avoid accidents,” he said after a joint ‘Ops Bas Express’ operation by RTD and the National Anti-Drug Agency at Terminal 1, here, last night.

He said 114 buses and 299 bus drivers were inspected during the operation from April 21 until last night. He said of 299 drivers inspected at Terminal 1, three, aged 30 to 45, would have their driving licences cancelled as they were found to be using methamphetamine.



  1. Doc says:

    Definitely worries me!

  2. KCM says:

    I’ve been on three buses in the past month, and one bus smelled like old meth production (like it was made off-duty in there–stings and gives you nausea) and the driver was paranoid, another driver was clearly high and very impatient (yelling at other traffic and nearly missing red lights), and another today was driving recklessly (it was crazy). I obviously lived to tell the tale, but man oh man, REGULAR drug testing needs to be put in place for DRIVERS, and maybe raise the wage a little bit.