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MOBILE,Ala. – News 5 takes a look at the meth problem in Mobile County.

Despite the recent spike in spice usage, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department says meth is still the number one drug of choice in the county. We sat down with one man who is in Mobile Metro Jail right now on drug possession and manufacturing charges.


He says it only took one try, and he was hooked. He even began making the drug, saying just getting high off of manufacturing it was enough to keep him content.

“One thing led to another and we went from a weekend use, to everyday use. Would you use it more than once a day? Oh yes, the whole day is spent trying to get more,” he says.

One night, he and his fiance, told their 14-year-old daughter they were going to be barbecuing in a shed behind their home. She came out to ask them a question and that’s when she learned the truth about her parents.

“She put two and two together. She’d be like, ‘where are ya’ll going?’ Ya’ll been gone forever’. And we’d come in with all these ingredients and she’d say, ‘That’s what you had last time.'”

They told her they’d quit, but with a drug as powerful as meth, quitting is easier said than done.

The inmate we spoke with, whose name we can’t release lost 100 pounds in less than three months using the drug. He would also stay up for days on end making it. In fact, on a 13-day binge, with no sleep, he set his house on fire while manufacturing the drug.

“I fell asleep. I blacked out. When I woke up the whole house was on fire. I was on fire. The room I was in was on fire.”

He was arrested and now will serve up to 24 months in jail before learning it he will go to federal prison.




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