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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – One woman is putting a face to the horrible effects of meth addiction. She survived a meth explosion and now hopes her scars will save more lives.

Selena Humphrey said she started cooking meth as a child, and it culminated years later in a horrible explosion just days after her 15th birthday.

The pain of addiction shows in her disfigured face and hands.


“It’s hard for me, you know. The eyes don’t change, but everything else has,” Humphrey said.

Deep scars have limited her mobility for a decade.

“I could not move my head but to right here, and then my face would start drooping. It would pull so tight,” she said.

But about a month ago, a collection of stories on the meth explosion survivor caught one doctor’s eye.

Dr. Brian Biesman has since donated his expertise with a laser therapy that is often used on burn victims in the military. So far, three weekly treatments have softened the scarring.

“The question is can we restore enough of the appearance and texture to the skin that it is less noticeable or easier to cover? And that, I think, we can accomplish,” Biesman said.

“It took me 10 years of dreaming, wishing, and praying and hoping,” Humphrey said.

It’s still a daily struggle for her as she lives for the day she can see her own kids again and for the chance to save someone else’s.

“And the day they are offered meth, my face pops up in their head, and they think twice. One life, that is all I want – one life, one mom, one dad, one child. Then I’ll die a proud hypocrite,” she said.

The treatments have just started and will be ongoing for some time. Humphrey will also need some oral surgery.






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