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– Hoosiers have a host of new laws to look forward to Tuesday when most of the statutes passed by the legislature this year go into effect.

Many of them aim to protect residents, including three laws focusing on meth labs, child-care safety and concussions.

Here is a synopsis of these new state laws:

Meth lab cleanup

Methamphetamine has devastated Indiana communities around the state for years. And every year there are more attempts to at least contain the damage.

A meth lab blew up a mile from the home of Rep. Wendy McNamara, R-Evansville. And a real estate agent friend was exposed to meth residue in a home, requiring the agent to now wear a respirator in some homes.

So McNamara wrote House Bill 1141 this year that would make it easier for Hoosiers to know what homes or apartments have had meth contamination, and also require disclosure of meth-related damage when selling a home.

The Indiana State Police under the law now must maintain an online database people can search to see every property, car or outside location that was once the site of a clandestine meth lab that has yet to be cleaned and decontaminated.

Under the new law, police cannot add a location until 180 days after the department learns from law enforcement that the property has been the site of a meth lab.

This gives property owners a chance to properly clean up the house or apartment first.

If it is certified decontaminated before the 180 days is up, the property cannot be added. If it is certified decontaminated after it has been placed in the public database, the police have 90 days to remove it.

“You don’t want a property to be tainted forever,” McNamara said.

There are 9,200 properties statewide currently on the list, which can be found at






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