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Police arrest a couple for cooking meth in their Relax Inn motel room in Dickinson.

David and Kim Dulaney have been charged with manufacture of a controlled substance, a Class A felony.

A confidential informant told the motel owners about strange fumes coming from their motel room.

When the owners checked the room, they found three coolers packed with meth.

They eventually contacted police who arrested the Dulaney’s without incident.

HazMat teams moved everyone who was staying in the motel complex out, so they could clean hazardous chemicals left behind from the meth lab.

“It makes me feel really good that we did get a big supplier of methanphetamine amd it will possibly deteriorate anybody else that wants to enter these hotels as guests and think that they’re gonna set up drug shops because we are gonna be on them as much as we can.” said Lori Jackson, the co-owner of the Relax Inn Motel.

The Dulaney’s face 20 years in prison for this Class A felony.

Bond was set at 20 thousand dollars.



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