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MEIGS COUNTY, OHSeveral people were arrested in a series of meth busts in Meigs County, Ohio.

According to a news release issued by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, 25-year-old Joseph A. Kimes, of Middleport, along with 26-year-old Timothy Dexter and 26-year-old Samantha Gilbert, both of Shade, were arrested in two separate meth busts on Tuesday, August 19.

The news release says that police were investigating a report of a possible meth lab in Middleport.  When police received permission to search a residence on Broadway Street in the village, they found materials used to make meth and then neutralized the items.  In this incident, Kimes was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and illegal possession of chemicals to produce methamphetamine.

Both Dexter and Gilbert were arrested after police searched their residence and found materials used to make meth.  They were also charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, as well as illegal possession of chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.


The news release goes on to say that on August 25, more meth busts were made in which more people were arrested.

When police responded to a suspicious person call on Side Hill Road and Carpenter Road, they found 31-year-old Missy Priddy (Walker) and 38-year-old Shannon L. Nitz in a Ford Ranger, where they found numerous items that are used to make meth.  Both Priddy and Nitz were arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and illegal possession of chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine.  The news release also says that Priddy was already out on bond for the same charges in a previous case.


Also on August 25, police responded to a residence in regards to a possible meth lab on Vance Road, in which 38-year-old Jonathan Vance, 33-year-old Laine Vance, 62-year-old Bobby Vance, and 18-year-old Anthony Vance were arrested.

The news release says that Jonathan Vance ran back into the residence, but was ordered out and was then arrested.  Laine Vance was arrested outside of the residence, while Bobby Vance was located in a camper beside the residence and was arrested, and Anthony Vance later arrived, in which he was also arrested.

When police searched the property, they found several meth labs and materials used to make meth.  All of the items were neutralized.

All four were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of chemicals to produce methamphetamine




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