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CLEARFIELD, CLEARFIELD COUNTY – People in one community were evacuated from their homes after a meth lab was discovered.

Suspected Meth Lab Forces Evacuations

Folks in the Leonard Grade complex at 501 East Market Street in Clearfield were evacuated after a suspected meth lab was discovered in the building.

It started Monday afternoon when parole officers identified what they thought was a meth lab. Now the attorney general’s officer and their clandestine lab are investigating.

The building has six to eight apartments and several businesses. The District Attorney says it is an ongoing investigation so they are not releasing the suspect’s name. But they believe that suspect was making methamphetamine in the building.

D. A. Bill Shaw says methamphetamine operations happen a lot in this part of the state, that’s why its crucial police can identify them and shut them down to keep people safe. He says it’s disappointing that they’re in Clearfield, but he’s glad his officers found it.

People were evacuated from the building while police are investigating. But Shaw doesn’t want to scare people in the area he says it is standard operating procedure to keep people safe.




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