A suspected meth user’s unique face tattoos helped police quickly identify and arrest him when they responded to a disturbance at a Billings hotel on Sept. 28, according to charging documents.

While police were en route to the hotel, dispatchers described the man’s face tattoos. 54357f2b8be99_preview-620

Officers realized the tattoo descriptions matched those of 40-year-old Michael Ray Hinshaw from having interacted with him before, according to prosecutors.

As police arrived at the hotel on the 5200 block of Midland Road, “they observed him driving away from the hotel at a high rate of speed,” Chief Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney Juli M. Pierce said at Hinshaw’s arraignment on Tuesday.

“When he was stopped, BPD finds a syringe with methamphetamine under the seat and empty syringes in the vehicle,” she continued.

The syringe contained 40 units of liquid that tested positive for meth, charging documents say.

At Hinshaw’s arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to felony drug possession and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession.

At the arraignment, Pierce asked that bond be set at $20,000 and told District Court Judge Russell C. Fagg that Hinshaw has a “significant” criminal history that includes convictions for burglary, false use of a credit card, forgery, operating a clandestine meth lab, drug distribution and multiple misdemeanor assaults.Hinshaw asked the judge if he could be released from jail without bond.

“I just want to go back to work, that’s all,” he said, adding that he was paroled 10 months ago.

The judge said he couldn’t do that and set bond at $10,000.


When police arrested Hinshaw on Sept. 28, he had a passenger, 26-year-old Amanda Parrish, who was also arrested after she allegedly gave police a false name.

On Tuesday, she pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor obstructing a peace officer and felony drug possession for allegedly having Clonazepam, a sedative, that was not prescribed to her.

Fagg set her bond at $3,000 and ordered her to wear a patch that monitors drug use if she posts bail.

The defendants’ trial dates are yet to be determined.








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