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meth_21396There’s a new twist on an old but deadly drug.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds of methamphetamine are pouring into our neighborhoods — but not in the traditional way.

“We’ve seen a really big trend, and the most common that we’ve been seeing lately, is liquid methamphetamine,” says DEA spokesperson Wendell Campbell.

It could be in a water bottle, soda bottle, even tequila bottles.  Campbell told us the liquid form is typically used for transportation.  A stash on a bus from Houston on Sept. 30 is believed to be the largest seizure of liquid meth in U.S. history.  It was stored in dozens of old soda bottles.

But the problem is much bigger than liters.  Campbell says, “We’ll see a dual tank pick-up truck.  One tank will be full of methamphetamine — the other will be used for fuel going down the freeway.”  That means gallons of combustible chemicals sharing the road with you.  “It is our biggest and number one drug threat coming across the southwest border right now,” Wendell continued.

In Williamson County, Raymond Johnson was recently arrested driving with a couple bottles.  According to the arrest affidavit the deputy did not even realize that the brownish colored liquid inside a Listerine bottle was drugs.  That’s how new this trend is.  The deputy actually let Johnson go with a ticket for not having insurance.  Johnson was later arrested after lab test confirmed the liquid was meth.

Yet, the danger goes beyond transporting it.  A 16 year old died in California earlier this year when he drank liquid meth.  Near Houston last year, six eighth grade girls got high in their middle school when they put paper in their mouths soaked in liquid meth.

In the Austin area, the DEA is particularly worried about what they call conversion labs.  That’s where the liquid is turned to crystal.  The procedure can cause explosions.

“It’s highly concentrated methamphetamine, it’s extremely dangerous,” Campbell says

The DEA says a good gauge of how much meth is coming into our area is the price.  Years ago in the Austin area, meth was $20,000 to $30,000 a kilo.  Today it’s about $8500.



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