Montanans, it is time we all take a stance to stop one of the most damaging and dangerous addictions that is occurring in our backyard. Methamphetamine is bulldozing across our great state leaving no community untouched.

Methamphetamine infiltrating our state is at its highest availability, in part due to drug cartel activities originating out of Mexico. Law enforcement has seen a dramatic upswing in the purity of the meth being smuggled into our state. In fact, meth tested in our area often exceeds the purity levels of 98 percent. Methamphetamine is so addictive that users will commit unthinkable crimes to obtain their meth.5433519da564c_preview-620

You may be asking yourself: Why do I need to be involved? The simple answers are the rise in crime, the destruction of our loved ones, and the cost to each of us, and to our communities.

  • Prosecution of adult methamphetamine crimes at the federal level has doubled within the past ten years.
  • Over the last five years, warrants served by the Montana Violent Offender Task Force have shown a 200 percent increase in adult offenses with a direct correlation to drugs.
  • 50 percent of adults in prison are there due to meth-related crime at a cost of $60 million per year.
  • 20 percent of adults in treatment are there due to meth addiction at a cost of $6 million per year.

With these expanding numbers, each and every one of us has the potential to become a victim. We are losing the battle against protecting our communities against this cancer in our state. As the United States Marshal for the state of Montana, I ask you to join me and the Montana Meth Project in a renewed commitment in the battle against meth in our communities.

The highly successful Montana Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time meth use among teens through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach. Central to their integrated, research-based campaign is, a definitive source for information about Meth. Additionally, their Meth Prevention Lesson reaches students in the middle and high schools with the facts, tools, and resources to understand the risks of methamphetamine and to influence their peers.

In order to help us reach adults, the Montana Meth Project is committed to doubling their efforts with a return to traditional advertising noticeable on television, radio, billboards and newspaper, as well as maintain their presence on social media. These advertisements are meant to get your attention, challenge what you know about meth, and encourage you to get involved.

Law enforcement and the Montana Meth Project need your commitment to join us in this fight. It will take all of us to protect our great state and our families from this destructive drug. Help us strive to make a difference, find solutions, and protect the future of Montana.



  1. KC1 says:

    I wish every single state in our country had a Meth Project that is as dedicated as the Montana Meth Project. They are great folks who are doing a lot of good to better their communities.