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Two men are facing felony drug charges after a sting by the BCA and DEA in the mall’s parking lot.

A staged drug deal at the Albertville Premium Outlets has led law enforcement agencies to taking down two major methamphetamine dealers in the northwest suburbs, including one supplier who could face up to 39 years in prison for his role in meth distribution.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Wright County District Court earlier this month, an undercover drug deal at the mall Thursday, Oct.2 led DEA and BCA agents, assisted by Wright County deputies, to the arrest of Jose Ivan Hernandez, 29, of Minneapolis.

Police had been tailing Hernandez for some time, stating he had been involved in a discussion with an undercover investigator the prior week, agreeing to deliver one pound of methamphetamine for an agreed on amount of money. The complaint states the transaction was scheduled to happen on Oct. 2.

WrightCoSheriff2At approximately 6;45 p.m., the undercover agent and Hernandez met at the Outlets, with Hernandez entering the undercover agent’s vehicle and producing a Rubbermaid container. Hernandez indicated the container held shards of meth (glass), weighing about 18 ounces.

The investigator gave a signal, the complaint states, and fellow officers arrested Hernandez on scene. During questioning, Hernandez cooperated with the lead investigator, and identified his supplier as Homero Parra Pacheco, Brooklyn Park. Hernandez was expected to return to Pacheo’s apartment with the cash from the Albertville transaction.

Hernandez then led police to Pacheo’s residence. Investigators questioned both men, and in the course of the questioning, one officer asked to use Hernandez’s cell phone to see with whom he had been discussing the ongoing meth deal. Pacheo’s phone rang.

Pacheo also admitted his fingerprints might be on the package of methamphetamine delivered to the Albertville drop.

Police arrested both men on felony counts of first degree sale of meth -10 grams or more. The punishment of the offense, if convicted, is a 30-year prison sentence and/or $1 million fine.




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