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GRAND BAY, Ala. (WALA) – A mother who was arrested Friday night after sheriff’s officials found an active meth lab in her home, while her children were present, is speaking out against allegations that she could have traded one of her children for drugs.

Rosalee Woods, also known as Rosalee Anderson, 24, said she was not at home when sheriff’s officials found the active meth lab, and claims her roommate, Erica Dueitt, 27, who was also arrested Friday, was responsible for the lab. Anderson’s husband, 30-year-old Terry Anderson, was also arrested in the case, but Rosalee told FOX10 he’s innocent.

Mobile County Sheriff’s officials said deputies assisted the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) in a home visit to Anderson’s residence after DHR had opened a case based on allegations that a parent at the home had traded one of their children for meth. Officials said the allegations allude to the trade being for sexual favors. When officials got to the home, they found an active “shake and bake” meth lab, and seven young children inside.

Anderson claimed “it takes a sick person to do something like that,” and said she never traded her child for drugs. Rather, she said she took the child to a grandmother’s house.

“That’s the one that they’re saying was being traded was the three-year-old, and he was going to his grandmother’s house, not being traded for no drugs, that would be the last thing I would’ve done is trade my kid for no drugs,” said Anderson.

She also said she was not at home when DHR and sheriff’s officials found the meth lab, and she knew nothing of the drugs.

“I understand that it is an investigation, because it was found at my home, but when I left my home, none of that material was in my home, they said they found a bottle in the house or something, and I don’t know nothing about that bottle, it was not there, it was not present in my home when I walked out of it,” said Anderson.

But, sheriff’s officials told FOX10 News they have evidence that could disprove that. Sgt. Joe Mahoney with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office showed FOX10 alleged purchase history records, where Rosalee Anderson bought pseudoephedrine 14 times, six of those times over the last year.

Investigators said she was blocked from buying it three times in the last year, because she had bought too much.

As for her husband, Terry, officials said he bought pseudoephedrine medications 16 times, and was blocked once. Roommate Erica Dueitt allegedly purchased the pseudoephedrine 54 times and was blocked 36 times.

All three purchased the pseudoephedrine medications on October 1 at three different pharmacies in Grand Bay, just two days before the home was busted Friday, October 3.

What’s more, sheriff’s detectives say Rosalee Anderson actually confessed to cooking meth while her children were present.

“In this case, Mrs. Anderson was interviewed at the scene when investigators were there, according to the investigators, Mrs. Anderson admitted to yes, she had been manufacturing methamphetamines, while seven children were present in the house, that she is a daily user of methamphetamine, that she had smoked meth earlier that morning, and that she basically has exceeded the federal levels to where she can legally purchase the pseudoephedrine right now,” said Sgt. Mahoney.

FOX10 asked Sgt. Mahoney if narcotics detectives believe she traded one of her children for pseudoephedrine if she was not legally able to buy it in a store. This was his response:

“We certainly hope that’s not true, and that’s the initial complaint that we received,” explained Sgt. Mahoney, “Rest assured that it will be investigated to the fullest possible extent that it can, and be prosecuted from there.”

Investigators said all children have been accounted for, and turned over to relatives.

The allegations remain under investigation.




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