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COVINGTON — After being Tasered twice, a fleeing suspect threw up the drugs he had apparently swallowed, according to a report by the Porterdale Police Department.

Robert Williams was a passenger in a car pulled over around 3 a.m. on Oct. 7 by PPD Officer Trevor Jones, who noticed that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt as the vehicle was traveling on the Bypass Road.


The officer began following the car and saw that Williams put on his seatbelt while they were traveling down the road, and also noticed that it appeared both the driver and Williams were acting nervously, the incident report states.

When the officer pulled over the car in the Valero gas station on the intersection of Crowell and Brown Bridge roads, he noticed the driver, Brent Wesley Stevenson, sitting very still, but Williams continued to move around in his seat.

“As I was introducing myself (to Stevenson) and explaining why I was stopping him, the passenger interrupted me and stated, ‘I had my seat belt on, man. It was under my arm,’” Jones reported.

Neither Stevenson nor Williams had an ID, so the officer asked both men to step out of the car. He noticed that Stevenson was sweating and shaking and that Williams walked with his feet close together as if he was holding something between his legs, according to the incident report.

The officer told Williams to empty the contents of his pockets onto the trunk of the Honda.

“It appeared that Mr. Williams was about to empty his pockets and then decided to run away from me,” Jones reported.

Jones and a Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy who had arrived to assist on the traffic stop then chased after Williams, who ran across Crowell Road, onto the Oaks Golf Course and into a heavily wooded area. He continued trying to flee and the deputy then deployed his Taser, which gave Officer Jones the opportunity to try to place handcuffs on the suspect, the report states.

“The Taser leads then lost contact and Mr. Williams gained his composure and started to resist,” Jones reported. “Mr. Williams struck me in the chest with a closed fist and started to actively resist me with violence.”

Jones stated the suspect attempted to pull him to the ground all the while he was holding onto the back of Williams’ shirt collar and striking him in the neck and back of the head with a closed fist, the report states.

At some point during the struggle, Williams again pulled away and tried to run, so Jones deployed his Taser, striking the man in the chest.

“As we were getting Mr. Williams to his feet, he began to throw up. I observed a clear, plastic bag come out of his mouth suspected to contain meth,” Jones stated.

The deputy also found a clear plastic bag containing suspected cocaine and loose methamphetamine rocks inside his front pockets along with a used syringe that Williams apparently dropped while he was running.

The officer and deputy escorted Williams back to the gas station where Stevenson was also placed under arrest when he was found with a used syringe as well.

Officers searched the Honda and saw suspected methamphetamine scattered throughout the car, along with two scales shoved between the center console and passenger seat. Stevenson allegedly told deputies that he and Williams had just shot up some meth at a home on Navajo Trail, the report states.

Williams, 30, of 110 Hidden Pines Drive, was transported to Newton Medical Center before being booked into the Newton County Detention Center and charged with failure to wear a seat belt, trafficking in cocaine, possession of drug-related objects, possession of cocaine and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Stevenson, 31, of 820 Navajo Trail, was also arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug-related objects.




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