Daycare pair imperiled kidsPowell residents Nick and Mandy Ringler have been charged with child endangerment related to methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia found in their home.

They had operated Ringler Childcare from their Avenue D home.

A preliminary hearing was Oct. 9. Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters ordered the case sent to District Court.

The couple each face four felony counts of child endangerment and misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services has suspended the Ringlers’ license to operate a child care business from their home.

On Sept. 22 Powell police were contacted by a confidential informant who claimed the couple were using and selling methamphetamine.

The CI admitted to purchasing and using methamphetamine with the Ringlers.

Nick had a birthday the CI had attended where she claimed to have smoked the drug with the couple in their bedroom.

On Aug. 26 a search warrant was executed on their residence in Powell.

Authorities found a number of pipes in the master bedroom. The bathroom yielded a syringe, spoon, cotton balls and a baggie containing white residue.

In the garage police found a homemade bong, two digital scales and a glass pipe with white residue.

Nick Ringler had a small baggie with white residue in his vest pocket.

When questioned about the item in his vest, Ringler said he “had it for a while.”

He also claimed the paraphernalia had been in the house for six months.

Police were shown where the items were located by Ringler, who says he has been smoking the drug for “sometime.”

Although Mandy Ringler denied any involvement with drugs, the CI told police she smoked drugs.

Also, the search of the home uncovered a pink glass pipe in a pair of female shoes.

Nick Ringler is also facing charges in Modesto, Calif., where he was arrested for handgun possession on Aug. 31.

He told investigators he had been using methamphetamine heavily since his arrest in California.




  1. Louisa poole says:

    Mandy ringlets case was dismissed, maybe you should delete. She’s a good person and not guilty.