ebc8dcbb96e8eb15576ee3e3c37e9e1bLes Stroud, host of Survivorman, is having trouble with what Humboldt folks call normal life. (Remember, he’s up here shooting an episode of his show.) This morning, he wrote on his Facebook page,

well – I’m [in] Hoopa California in the mountains trying to shoot this episode – and man!!!! everything is going wrong – this is the craziest shoot i have ever attempted – i have been here a week and i have nothing to show for it – rain held me back – cameras not working right – people messing up – just never ending….maybe its all the smell of pot in the air – every bend in the road you smell a new flavor of pot – deep in the surrounding hills there are numerous pot farms and meth labs – it’s a dangerous place and i am trying to keep clear of those areas….I’m headed out in an hour deep into the forest yet again to hopefully stay….crazy place – but incredibly beautiful….

Hope he isn’t blowing away today or getting struck by lightning….And, joking aside, we’re glad we’re not out in that storm today.








  1. Simon says:

    Sensationalist. I’ve been to Monterrey CA last year where they have the aquarium and the place is not what it used to be. To act like he’s unsafe is self-absorbed. Yeah, it’s a jungle. No, they don’t care about you unless you’re in their way. And there’s nothing special to this argument regarding Humboldt regarding this issue.

    Woooaah, spooky. Bang up show though mate. Keep it up Survivorman!