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A 29-year-old man faces trial on charges of making methamphetamine and risking a catastrophe following a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Gary Christian Long is accused of setting up a portable methamphetamine lab in the Horsham Days Inn on Easton Road on April 4. He is being held on 10 percent of $10,000 bail as well as detainers for probation violations in Bucks and Montgomery counties. 545006a6660a0_image

Following testimony from Horsham Detective Sgt. Larry Bozzomo, Long’s attorney, Louis Busico, argued Bozzomo was not an expert in methamphetamine manufacturing and as a result, the testimony and evidence was not enough to support the charges.

District Judge Harry Nesbitt said Busico’s arguments were germane for trial, but police had made their prima facie case and ordered Long held for trial.

Long is charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, risking a catastrophe, illegally dumping methamphetamine waste, possession of precursor chemicals with the intent to use them to make methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, drug possession, recklessly endangering another person and a charge of flight to avoid apprehension that was added shortly before the hearing began.

Long was arrested in May by Philadelphia police on DUI and drug possession charges. Bozzomo testified police attempted to arrest Long at the hotel based on warrants for his arrest in multiple counties for violation of his probation and failure to appear for trial on charges in Bucks County. The detective testified that, as police attempted to enter Long’s room, Long jumped from a third-floor window to a mulch pile and fled.

Bozzomo said he saw various household chemicals, observed a “chemical odor” in the room and, with the assistance of firefighters, had the building evacuated. Bozzomo introduced a state police report cataloging what was found in the room and concluding Long had put together a “one-pot” methamphetamine lab — a system of creating the powerful stimulant using household chemicals shaken in a soda bottle or similar container to initiate a reaction.

Long is being held in Montgomery County prison. He is scheduled for formal arraignment in the Montgomery County Court on Dec. 17.




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