DECATUR, Alabama — Two people were taken into custody on Wednesday following a two-month investigation of alleged methamphetamine activity at their Decatur home.16212521-large

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said county drug agents received information that meth was being made and sold from the home on Harold Drive. Franklin said this information reported the people inside were regularly getting cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine, which can be used to manufacture meth, both by themselves and from outside sources.

Agents made contact with the resident, Brian Stephen Garrett, 43, and executed a search warrant on Wednesday. They reported finding chemicals, materials and equipment used to make meth as well as some finished product. Franklin said they also found ecstasy, pseudoephedrine, digital scales and two loaded semiautomatic handguns. Agents said the house was equipped with an array of surveillance cameras.

During the search, agents said Stacey Haggermaker Garrett, 43, arrived at the home. She was also arrested. Before going to jail, the Mud Tavern Volunteer Fire Department decontaminated both subjects at the scene.

Both suspects were charged with first-degree unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Circuit Court Judge Haddock set their bonds at $120,000.

Authorities expect more arrests in this case. The investigation is ongoing.

Franklin said a code enforcement officer from the city of Decatur was called in, and the home was condemned because of the operation of a meth lab.




  1. KC says:

    How are people decontaminated at the scene? What is the process?

  2. Doc says:

    Maybe they just scrub them down on site!