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SALISBURY, N.C. — “Ice” methamphetamine made its way onto Salisbury streets after police say suspects ordered the drugs through the mail.

Officers arrested Robin Guest, 50, and Melanie Pruitt, 38, on Tuesday following an investigation that began in July.635501931455500108-robin-guest-melanie-pruitt-2014102912259

Police say Guest ordered the drugs from California and wired the money to suppliers. He would then distribute the meth in the Salisbury area, according to investigators.

Undercover officers say they bought drugs several times at Guest’s home between July and the recent arrests. Guest lived in the 100 block of North Park Drive on property belonging to Catawba College, where he worked in housekeeping.

Police arrested Guest during one of his shifts on campus. They found his girlfriend, Pruitt, hiding in a closet at the house. Investigators say she helped Guest in the operation.

Guest is behind bars now charged with trafficking and selling meth, among other crimes. His bond was set at $250,000.

Pruitt is charged with two counts of conspiracy and one count of resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $21,000.

Detectives say they seized total of 155 grams of methamphetamine “Ice” valued at $31,000.

Police say there is no indication any other students or staff of Catawba College were involved.

The High Point Police Department, Salisbury Police Department and Catawba College assisted the sheriff’s office with the investigation.




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