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jay-michael-pepper-79cbf6f81edd6d37ATHENS, Alabama — A man originally facing traffic violations now has felony drug charges to contend with.

Athens police say two officers made contact with the suspect at the Bomar Inn on U.S. 31 as they were conducting a welfare check late Saturday. Police learned the man, 35-year-old Jay Michael Pepper of Toney, had two outstanding warrants on traffic violations.

The drug aspect came into play when police said they noticed a large quantity of pills that had been crushed on a piece of paper in Pepper’s room. They said Pepper told them it was Sudafed. Police searched the room and said they found precursors for methamphetamine production. The items included a drain opener, plastic tubing, a lithium battery, a bag of ammonium nitrate, a two-liter bottle containing a clear fuel, a bag of lye with lithium strips and a stack of coffee filters.

Pepper was arrested on the two warrants and subsequently charged with second-degree unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance.





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