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A man has been charged following the seizure of 65kg of methamphetamine, also known as ice, worth an estimated street value of $43 million.

The drugs were allegedly concealed within flat-pack timber and was discovered after an operation involving the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS).5871194-3x2-340x227

AFP officers said a shipment was tracked to an address in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery and they arrested a Chinese national as he attempted to access the consignment.

The man has been charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs and importing a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs.

“Our message to those wishing to import this hideous drug, methamphetamine, is quite simple,” AFP Commander Ray Johnson said.

“Every day of every week we are building our intelligence picture on… schemes and more importantly the crime syndicates involved in this type of activity.

“We’re very pleased to say as a result of this interdiction and efforts of both Customs and the AFP, a large number of hits of methamphetamine have been removed from Australian streets.”

Australia is attractive to organized crime: police

The container that allegedly carried the drug haul was picked up by a Customs X-ray on October 22 and revealed a concealment of white powder within particle boards, police said.

The powder was tested and found to contain amphetamines.5871224-3x2-340x227

Methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $43m were allegedly found in this shipment

The AFP said the bust would have a major impact on their efforts to stop major drug operations in Australia.

“This will have a significant impact on the street hits available to be sold,” Commander Johnson said.

“The other impact also is inevitably these types of operations lead to a raft of intelligence information about the organized crime syndicates involved both here and offshore.

“So this will have ongoing impact.”

The AFP said the investigation was continuing and they indicated there could be more arrests.

“I am sure he wasn’t acting alone because it’s a significant investment to get 65kg of methamphetamine into Australia,” Commander Johnson said.

“So there is clearly greater organized crime involvement.

“It would be fair to say that Australia is attractive to organized crime because it’s an affluent democracy and there is now a number of people in Australia that have an appetite for illicit drugs.

“So as a consequence I think like any business, organized crime are looking for the best market and Australia at this point is time is one of those.”

Police pull over car with ice in boot

In a separate case, detectives from the New South Wales Organized Crime Squad have charged two men after seizing 1kg of ice from the boot of a car at Wollongong, south of Sydney.

The squad was investigating a drug ring operating in Sydney’s south when it stopped and searched a car at Albion Park.

The drugs were hidden inside a sports bag in the boot, police said.

The driver and his passenger were arrested while seven Sydney properties were raided at Hurstville, Epping and West Ryde.

Police seized pistols, $40,000 and equipment allegedly used in the production and distribution of large quantities of methamphetamine.

Organized Crime Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said supplying drugs carried a penalty of up to life in prison.

“Every time we seize illicit drugs we’re not only hitting the pockets of organized criminals, we’re preventing the poison they peddle from reaching the wider community,” he said.

Two men from Epping, aged 33 and 37, have been charged with commercial drug supply offences.

They were bailed to appear in court again next month.





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