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Canadian County sheriff’s deputies at about 1:30 a.m. Nov. 3 seized approximately 11 kilo-size bags of methamphetamine drugs with an estimated street value of $1.1 million.

The drugs were being transported in a vehicle that was loaded on a car hauler parked at the TA truck stop, at Morgan Road along Interstate 40 in eastern Canadian County.

Sheriff’s deputies discovered the drugs after they became suspicious of the vehicle due to registration violations and asked the truck driver for his consent to search it. After receiving consent from the truck driver the deputies climbed up to the second level of the car hauler where the vehicle was located and opened up the doors.

Once inside the vehicle, the deputies quickly observed that the back seats and doors had been tampered with, and located the drugs within just a few minutes.

The 11 large kilo size bags of meth were packaged in zip locked plastic bags and wrapped in saran wrap and clear packing tape. The bundles of drugs were stashed inside the front and rear seats as well as inside the doors of the vehicle.

In addition to the drugs being hidden, deputies detected a number of odor masking agents aimed at defeating drug sniffing dogs.

After questioning and determining the truck driver was completely clueless that he was transporting the drugs, Canadian County sheriff’s deputies – working with and commissioned through the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Task Force (DEA) – coordinated a controlled delivery of the vehicle and drugs to the intended party in Kansas City, Kan., in hopes of making an arrest of those responsible for the drugs being in Canadian County.

Three sheriff’s deputies/DEA Task Force agents under the direction of Canadian County Sheriff Randall R. Edwards followed the semi to Kansas City, Kan. where they met up with other DEA agents.

Working with the DEA, FBI and local authorities, sheriff’s deputies coordinated the delivery of the drugs with the driver of the semi. As a result of the delivery two suspects were immediately taken into custody in connection with the methamphetamines and interstate drug trafficking.

Warrants are expected to be issued for as many as a dozen or more other suspects involved with the drug operation.

“When I ran for office in 2008, I promised if elected, I would make every effort to eradicate the drug traffic and child predators in Canadian County, in order to do that sometimes we have to travel out of county and occasionally out of state to prosecute those who are responsible for those crimes against the citizens of Canadian County,” Sheriff Edwards said.

“I am proud that Canadian County Sheriff’s deputies hold state and federal commissions through various task forces that allow us to hold those who perpetrate crimes in Canadian County responsible for those crimes, regardless of where they are.”

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office works closely with the DEA, this operation was largely made possible because of the sheriff’s participation with the DEA’s Task Force officer program.

The methamphetamines were valued at just over $1 million, and both individuals were arraigned Nov. 5 before a U.S. federal judge on federal drug trafficking charges.






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