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ATHENS (WATE) – An East Tennessee sheriff says he’s seeing more cases of crystal meth coming in from Mexico. That’s because while local deputies were busy shutting down homemade meth labs, traffickers continued to sneak in the drug.5711518_G

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy told WATE 6 On Your Side the large number of meth labs made it harder to crack down on the people bringing in crystal meth from countries like Mexico. With fewer of those labs around, they can now focus their efforts on drug trafficking in the county.

Inez Fain, who lives in Athens, raises chickens for a living and learning about the drug problem is shattering her peace of mind. She worries that crystal meth from Mexico could take over McMinn County.

“I’ve got four granddaughters and I’d hate to see my granddaughters get hooked on that crap,” said Fain.

Sheriff’s deputies found a few bags worth of crystal meth from Mexico five weeks ago. Sheriff Guy said there’s been a shift toward people buying meth over making it at home. Part of the reason why it’s cheaper.

“It’s simpler. It’s simpler just to buy it already made than to have to make it yourself,” said Guy.

In the last four years, deputies have shut down about 100 meth labs.

“We sort of opened up a vacuum and some of our Mexican friends to the south of us saw there was a business opportunity there,” said Guy.

McMinn County Sheriff investigators said they’re dealing with crystal meth trafficking like they would marijuana or heroine by finding out where it’s being sold.

As for people in the area like Fain, she believes other neighbors need to help out the sheriff’s department to solve the drug problem.

“He’s good with the young people and good with the old, but he can’t do it all. The adults within their self and the city have got to step up and take their role,” said Fain.

The McMinn County Sheriff’s Department has identified about a dozen dealers in the county and it’s not just in one community. Guy said crystal meth is popping up in all kinds of neighborhoods.

According to a recent report, the number of meth labs seized has gone down by about 40 percent statewide.








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