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BRAMPTON — A Superior Court judge has sentenced a Brampton drug trafficker to six years in jail for his role in what’s believed to be one of the largest drug labs ever discovered in Peel.

Roland Da Breo, 35, was convicted of possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking earlier this year and was sentenced today in Toronto court.

His sentence comes just a few months after Ramprit Goswami, 36, was convicted of the same offence and jailed seven years.

Earlier this year, another man arrested in the sting, Velle Chanmany, 32, of Kitchener, was jailed nine years in relation to the massive methamphetamine and ecstasy lab discovered in east Mississauga.

Calling Chanmany a major participant in the “high-level, wholesale delivery of a very dangerous drug,” Justice Michael Dambrot said he had to send a strong message to deter Chanmany and others from high-level drug trafficking.

“The offence of possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking is of increasing prevalence in this province, and has come to be recognized as a most serious offence. Methamphetamine is consistently referred to as a hard drug. It causes enormous harm to individual users, and significant harm to the health and safety of the community,” the judge said in his ruling. “It has been said that in many respects, the destructive consequences of crystal methamphetamine mirror those of two other hard drugs, heroin and cocaine…in addition, the methamphetamine offence committed by Chanmany is a particularly serious one. Seven kilos of methamphetamine is a very large quantity indeed.”

Chanmany was convicted of possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of Canadian currency that was the proceeds of crime.

Chanmany and Goswami were two of 36 people arrested in spring 2008 in connection with a joint-forces investigation dubbed Project Blackhawk, which was sparked after a traffic stop in Toronto led police to the drug lab they eventually dismantled on Sismet Rd., near Dixie Rd. and Matheson Blvd., on April 29, 2008.

Toronto Police and Peel Regional Police seized 4,000 kilograms of methamphetamine and more than 400,000 tablets of ecstasy from the Sismet Rd. lab, with a potential street value of more than $160 million.

In convicting Chanmany, Dambrot rejected Chanmany’s argument that Toronto drug squad officers falsely claimed to have seized seven kilograms of crystal meth from his SUV.

Defence lawyers argued that Toronto officers were motivated to fabricate evidence out of frustration and anger after failing to collect proof of his cocaine dealing during a major drug investigation.

But Dambrot did not believe Chanmany, whom he called a “lazy and greedy young man who had an aversion to work,” and said there was nothing raised by the defence that undermined the police evidence.

Of the officers involved in the case, Dambrot said, “There is nothing in this that logically would have led them to do what the defence alleges.”

Sismet Rd. has been a hotbed for drug labs, with four being discovered on the street, made up largely of industrial units and warehouses, in the last five years. The most recent was this past February when a $1.5-million marijuana lab was found.







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