Authorities said they believe a Gainesville man shot his live-in girlfriend Wednesday morning, with the bullet grazing her forehead.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 5:32 a.m. call at 44 Branch St. in the New Holland area to find Jamie Macdonell shot. She was taken to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.Steven_Keith_Murphy

Following interviews with those there at the time of the shooting, Steven Keith Murphy, 27, of Gainesville, was arrested.

Murphy is charged with aggravated assault, cruelty to children and possession of methamphetamine. Macdonell’s children were at the residence when the shooting occurred, according to the warrants, and the Division of Family and Children Services has been contacted.

Murphy was listed as the “primary aggressor” in the aggravated assault in the warrants.

Sheriff’s office deputies found methamphetamine in Murphy’s bedroom, according to the warrants, at the time of the incident.

Murphy is at the Hall County Jail with no bond awaiting his first appearance, according to the sheriff’s office.






  1. steveo says:

    Hey thats me and this sh*t had nothing to do with meth . It had to do with accidents happen every damn day it was just my turn

    • jamie says:

      just to let the police an etc. know. imn the victume of mr. murphy case
      an im hear to say. alln this is bullshit. steven loves me an would never hurt me. i told you stupid ppl the damn store. youll was not there only me an steven. we were the only ones why no the truth. why can youll just accept that. he dnt deserve this. im not saying hes perfect. who is. hes a good dad who lost his kids because of all this. i still keep in contact with his family. he has anger problems yea. who dont. but he would never hurt the one he loves. so for all you haters, your wrong about steven. just know yr wrong an i hope you sleep well at night knowing you took it apond yr selfs to not do yr job. you labeled steven an yr words gos. because who r we a nobody cause we the bad guys. justice will be served. imma make it world wide. thanks jamie macdionell. its not over

  2. Yang says:

    hahahahaha y’all are both two of the most hopeless people in the world. funny how karma ALWAYS COMES FULLS CIRCLE. what an accident… let me just accidentally shoot my girlfriend in the head, “happens every damn day” right?! NO BIGGIE! oh yeah and steve is such a good guy, all he does is snitch on everyone and and is one of hall counties most used C.I.’s oh yeah and just likes to hold up girls at gun point on the occasion! Steve-o, SUCH a good guyy… he leaves meth in the same rooms as his kids that go into child protection because they are infested with lice and both completely malnourished and shoots his girlfriend he loves so much in front of his child… ohh steve, man your just the greatest guy in the world… jamie and steve forever.. lets hope world!! their just purrrfect for each other.