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ANCHORAGE –  Federal authorities have seized over $1.5 million in cocaine and methamphetamine as part of an investigation into an Alaska-linked drug conspiracy, seeking more than $250,000 in forfeitures from one suspect.

A Thursday grand jury indictment against 53-year-old Steven Bradley Powell charges him with one count each of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and money-laundering conspiracy. According to the indictment, Powell allegedly laundered money in Alaska since May 2012 and trafficked drugs since April 2013, with both activities ending in October 2013.

The indictment also includes a pair of criminal forfeiture orders, under which Powell would forfeit a total of $263,100 in cash and checks — as well as real-estate property at three Las Vegas addresses — upon conviction on the drug-conspiracy charge. A money-laundering conviction would see him surrender the property and only some of the money, $42,000 held in a Chase Bank account.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Courter, who is handling the case for U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler’s office, said Tuesday that a variety of agencies are still investigating the case. She declined to say where the drugs in the case came from, but said that seizures took place both in Anchorage and in the Lower 48.

“For the cocaine we’re looking at five kilos (11 pounds); we’re looking at over 15 pounds of meth in this case,” Courter said. “It’s over a million dollars on the methamphetamine alone — it’s about half a million on the cocaine.”

Courter didn’t have assessed values for the Las Vegas properties, but said they have been significantly developed.

Courter said. “There’s a residence, a duplex, and 12 different condo units.”

Alaska court records show Powell pleaded no contest to third-degree felony assault in 1997, as well as entering guilty pleas to two misdemeanor assaults. He has also pleaded guilty in earlier incidents of driving with a revoked or suspended license, and is accused of the same charge in an open Oct. 18 case.

Courter said federal agents didn’t have to look far to find Powell.

“He was in state custody at the time he was charged,” Courter said.






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