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Local law enforcement officials accused a Madisonville pair of “smurfing” Monday evening, but the charges had little to do with blue-skinned cartoon elves. 54753625cee54_image

“Smurfing” is street slang for going store to store in order to obtain enough meth precursors to produce a full batch of methamphetamine. That’s what members of the 5th Judicial Drug Task Force believe 44-year-old Forrest Otha Maxwell and 43-year-old Angela Joan Quillen were doing when they placed the two Madisonville residents under arrest on Monday.

According to reports, the task force was notified Monday afternoon that two “suspicious persons” were attempting to purchase methamphetamine precursors at various retailers in Maryville and Alcoa. Most of the ingredients used to manufacture illicit methamphetamine — especially pseudoephedrine, the active ingredient in many cold and allergy medicines — are available commercially, in everyday products.54753623c31a2_image

State laws now place limits on the amount of those substances that can be purchased at one time, and retailers have become more alert to consumers who attempt to buy larger quantities of pseudoephedrine and other precursors.

Reports said that task force investigators conducted surveillance on Quillen and Maxwell after receiving the report, and eventually stopped them in the parking lot of a local business. They found that the duo had several methamphetamine precursors in their vehicle.

Both were arrested and charged with promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine. Quillen and Maxwell were held on a bond of $25,000 each, pending a hearing on Dec. 3.

The 5th Judicial Drug Task Force includes members of Blount County Sheriff’s Office, Alcoa Police Department, and Maryville Police Department.







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