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A drug “mule” has admitted having $18,200 worth of pure methamphetamine – known as ‘P’ – concealed inside her body on a flight from Auckland.

Kylie Natasha Puna, 27, agreed to have the package removed from her body two days after her drug run ended with a police chase and a crash in Yaldhurst Road on November 24.

By then she had been treated for injuries from the crash, and was being held under a detention warrant issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act.10919137

Puna admitted the charge of possessing methamphetamine for supply at an appearance before Judge Alistair Garland in the Christchurch District Court today. She is still using crutches after the accident.

Puna wanted the case transferred to Auckland where she lives, and where she may eventually be allowed to undergo a residential drugs rehabilitation course, but Judge Garland decided it should stay in Christchurch for sentencing.

Puna will be sentenced in the Christchurch District Court on February 25.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Scott said the Christchurch Police received information that an unidentified person was transporting methamphetamine to the city and would be picked up at the airport by two known male associates.

Puna arrived at 4.35 pm on November 24, and left the airport in a vehicle belonging to one of the two men.

Police stopped the car with vehicles positioned immediately in front and to the rear, but Sergeant Scott said the car rammed the patrol car in front and then reversed into the one behind before driving off.

It then crossed the centre line in Yaldhurst Road and crashed head-on into another car, causing serious injuries to the three elderly occupants.

A witness said the chasing police car clipped the fleeing vehicle, sending it spinning into the elderly people’s car. One of the three elderly remains in hospital in a comfortable condition.

Cash totaling $17,000 was found in the fleeing vehicle.

Puna was detained for a drug search but was transported to Christchurch Hospital because of her injuries. She initially used her sister’s name, and had identification belonging to her sister.

A medical examination indicated a package hidden internally, and she was detained on a warrant after her discharge from hospital. On November 26 she agreed to a medical examination in which the package was removed.

Sergeant Scott said it contained 18.2 g of methamphetamine. The drug sells for $100 for 0.1g in a “point bag”, so the drug shipment would have had a street value of $18,200.

Puna declined to make any comment to the police.








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