A Utah mother with a deplorable criminal history of drug and child abuse stopped at nothing to feed her meth addiction, including exploiting her 5-year-old daughter.  Starla Rae McCabe, 45, took nude photos of the young girl and sold them to sick men for $100 a piece, the Deseret News reported.MethMomDuoPic

A cache of 19 photos of McCabe’s daughter was discovered by officers inside the family’s northern Utah home and was stored on a Nintendo DSI gaming system. The gaming device was equipped with a camera that captured the girl posed fully nude from the waist down, with her genitals exposed, and in some shots even revealed her face. Authorities had been tipped off about the mother’s perverted collection after a relative accidentally discovered the images on the gaming device.

The purpose of the photos didn’t come to light until the child victim was interviewed and told authorities that her mother would print out her X-rated pictures and sell them for $100 apiece, according to Utah news source KSL5. However, McCabe attempted to convince investigators that she took the pictures for educational purposes so she could teach her daughter about her female body parts.

The mother of three — two sons and the victimized daughter — is currently engaged to a man who is not the father of any of her children, and the five of them live in the sleepy country town of Perry on the northern end of the Wasatch front in Utah.



McCabe with her fiance, children, and extended family

Court records indicate that McCabe is no stranger to run-ins with the law. All of her criminal issues reportedly involve child endangerment, drug offences, and repeated probation violations. At the time of this recent arrest, the methamphetamine addicted mom was on a 36 month probation, which came from an April drug possession charge where she was required to undergo treatment for her addiction, the news station reported.

Officers discovered meth in a bathroom in McCabe’s home and inside a drawer in the living room within easy reach of a child upon their search of the residence for the child pornography after legally obtaining a search warrant.

McCabe will now be enjoying the walls of a jail cell and a lovely comedown off her drug of choice for Christmas. That’s the least she should receive for having sexually pawned her young daughter off and obliterating her innocence for the sake of feeding a high.












  1. Doc says:

    This is beyond horrible!

  2. KC says:

    I know. So sick. Poor babies. I hope the little ones get the counseling they need.