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Two men, one from Chino Valley, face drug and gun charges Dec. 9 after Chino Valley Police made a traffic stop and found ¼-pound bag of methamphetamine wrapped as a Christmas present, two hand guns and a rifle in their rental car. The stop was made at about 8:15 p.m. in the 900 block of North Highway 89.


Police arrested the driver, James Martinez, 25, of Primghar, Iowa, and the passenger, Michael Brainerd, 31, of Chino Valley, and booked them in the Yavapai County Jail in Cottonwood on felony charges of transportation of a dangerous drug, possession of dangerous drug for sale and weapon offenses.

While on the traffic stop, officers used their K9 police dog, which alerted on the black Toyota passenger car. Officers found the almost ¼-pound of methamphetamine individually packaged, marked and wrapped in gift paper.

In addition, officers also found drug paraphernalia, two semi-automatic hand guns with high-capacity magazines, a semi-automatic rifle and just less than 200 rounds of ammunition.







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