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The arrest of two teenage boys caught carrying $2.5 million of methamphetamine in a luxury car has led to a series of drug raids on the Headhunter motorcycle gang, police say.

Police have arrested 38 people, confiscated 22 guns and seized more than $17 million in methamphetamine, cash and assets in a series of operations targeting the gang this week.

Detective Inspector Bruce Good says the arrests came after two Headhunter gang associates, aged 17 and 18, were pulled over in a Mercedes on the way from Whangarei to Auckland in November.

“Inside the vehicle we discovered methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $2.5 million which police believe was bound for the Auckland market and beyond.”

The teens’ arrest helped lead police to a huge methamphetamine manufacturing operation in a rural area close to Whangarei, Mr Good says.

Detective Inspector Kevin Burke says the Whangarei operation had the capacity to produce $3 million of methamphetamine per week.

A series of raids were carried out at Headhunter properties across the country after its discovery, he says.

Nine Headhunter gang members were arrested in a raid on a Miranda property on Thursday last week.

A further 13 Headhunter members were arrested in Whangarei this morning. Raids were also carried out in the Tasman District, Onehunga, Otahuhu and rural South Auckland, police say.

Mr Good says the Whangarei lab may have been used to supply the South Island methamphetamine market.

“When you have cooks producing $3 million worth of methamphetamine in three days you start to see the size of the problem,” Mr Good said.

He promised to continue to carry out more operations against organized criminal groups supplying methamphetamine.

“In 2015 Police will shut down more clan labs. We will arrest more cooks. We will seize more drugs and restrain more assets and we will target the money behind these organized criminal networks.”








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