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ESCANABA — One person is recovering from noxious fumes after discovering a meth lab in a recycling bin.

Escanaba Public Safety was called out to the 800 block of South 13th Street around 1:00 p.m. Monday. A homeowner was putting recyclables into a bin in the alley. Inside the bin they found pop bottles emitting fumes. They immediately felt a burning sensation in their lungs. They contacted police and then went to the hospital. They have been released after treatment.Meth%20Dump%20Site

Escanaba Public Safety contacted the UPSET Narcotics Unit. Crews were sent to the site and disposed of the hazardous materials. They confirm the bin was a meth dump site.

Officials are now warning residents is be cautious when they the notice unusual items in and around garbage and recycling bins, alleys, woods, yards, and parks. Use extra care around two litre bottles containing rust colored sludge, plastic bottles with tubing affixed to them, and coffee filters with rust colored residue.

“Muriatic acid, aluminum foil, so we look for those components as well,” said Lt. Timothy Sholander of UPSET. “As well as lithium batteries and lye, which they can get out of drain opener. Also tree spikes for a compress cold pack are some of the components they use.”

If you see items like these, do not touch them. Instead contact your local law enforcement.








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