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IMAGINE being so high you stabbed someone and didn’t remember doing it.

Nathan Arnott doesn’t have to imagine it, he lived it. For two years of his life, the Rockhampton father danced with the devil by living a life of drug abuse, violence and crime.9-2621364-rok171214iceguy1_fct679x509x196_0_t620

Like many other Australians, Nathan was led astray at a young age and introduced to crystal methamphetamine, also known as ice.

“I grew up in one of the worst parts of Brisbane and I started doing ice when I was about 17, just every now and then,” Nathan said.

“My mate was doing it and I tried it and just got hooked. After a while I was doing it full time, 24/7. I’d go on four to five day binges and then sleep for two days.”

Nathan said after he was hooked, there was nothing he wasn’t prepared to do to get his hands on more of the addictive drug.

“With ice, I went through hell and back. I’ve played with every devil you can imagine,” Nathan said.

“I did ice for a good two years and in that time I was stealing cars and boats, breaking into houses and shops.

“I used to get into fights and I’m not like that sober. I’m a calm, laid-back person. I stabbed a guy one night and was so high I don’t recall doing it. I saw people get shot and stabbed and die in front of me.

“I went to court so many times I racked up $3500 worth of fines and ended up being on parole for two-and-a-half years.”

But after claiming to witness a mate murder someone in front of him while high, Nathan said he knew he had to break free from the chains of ice holding him down.

“The breaking point for me was when I was out with mates one night high and a fight broke out and one of my mates bludgeoned a guy in the head with a hammer and killed him. He went to jail for life,” he said.

“I went home and just told my dad everything and he said ‘That’s it, we’re moving’.

“My dad was a big support; he took me out of the crowd. I sat down and had family members crying in my arms telling me they didn’t want me to end up dead or in jail.

“I walked away from it. I moved up to Rocky with my dad and was in lockdown in my aunty’s house. I told myself I was never going to touch it again. It was a real self battle. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house or go anywhere.”

While he has been clean for nearly seven years now, Nathan said ice still haunts him and has devastated his family in the worst way.

“Two years ago my brother was stabbed nine times and murdered over a $50 ice debt,” Nathan said.

“We were introduced to ice at around the same time… I tried to get him to move with me but he said he couldn’t and he stayed in Brisbane. Realistically, he met the fate that was meant for me.

“I’ve lost mates through drug addiction. Some have over-dosed on ecstasy, other have passed away in car accidents from driving stoned. I’ve lost nine mates from drug use so far.”

With his drug abuse days well behind him now, Nathan said he was grateful for the second chance at life he was granted by reaching out for help.

“It gets hard sometimes and I sit back and realize what I’ve gone through and what I’ve got now. I could have ended up in a jail cell or lying dead next to my brother,” he said.

“I think of myself as a success story now. I have a full-time job and I’m about to relocate to Townsville to continue it. I have a wonderful fiancé who I’ve been with for four years and a beautiful daughter. Having her was a battle in itself as she was born three months early weighing just 994 g.

“At the moment I’m going through training so I can go to schools and speak to kids about drugs. I want to get the word out there that the help is there.”








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