Sharyn%20LienemannWILLET — A Cortland County woman is facing animal abuse charges following an investigation by the Cortland Community SPCA.puppy%201

47-year-old Sharon K. Lienemann was hit with five counts of animal cruelty following an investigation from October of this year. Lienemann was already in custody on meth manufacturing charges. One dog and two cats were removed from the home at 1361 Route 41 in Willet when police arrested Lienemann on the meth charges.

The animals appeared to have been burned by a caustic substance, according to the CCSPCA.













  1. KC says:

    Poor little guys :(… I spoke with a dog owner recently who explained that her little guy was breaking out in hives and was getting sick and had to be put on steroids. She had just moved into one of the new apartment buildings that’s really mostly a drug front (pretty common business model in urban areas right now) that uses vacant units to make meth in prior to renting them out. Be careful, people! If you smell a “chocolate wood floor” type smell of any kind of string solvent or gas smell in a brand new apartment, stay far, far away. Also be on the lookout for older rentals tat claim no prior pets but kind of smell like cats (ammonia)–huge red flag.