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When Robert Steward III was arrested for municipal warrants he left behind a methamphetamine lab in a two-liter Pepsi bottle.

“I observed a two-liter Pepsi bottle with a yellow liquid filling the lower fourth of the bottle and a white powdery substance at the bottom,” Salina Police Chief Justin Hokett stated in his incident report. “I also observed on the floor in plain sight a small clear plastic baggie which had been cut in half. Inside this baggie I saw a few pieces of a white powdery substance which I suspected to be methamphetamine.”

Just outside the bedroom, Hokett found an empty plastic bottle with a tube protruding from the top, labeled for hydrochloric acid.

Law enforcement seized these items and Steward’s phone as evidence. Officers allegedly found a burnt metal spoon containing the same white powdery substance in Steward’s vehicle. This too was seized as evidence.

Hokett, according to the report, then received a search warrant for Steward’s phone.

“From the totality of these text messages it is very evident that Steward has been selling methamphetamine and also purchasing methamphetamine from individuals in and around the City of Salina,” Hokett wrote in his report after recounting numerous text message conversations.

Officers returned to Steward’s residence again and found a cut straw that field tested positive for meth, two lengths of tubing with yellow resin and white powder in a shirt pocket and a pouch of ammonia pellets hidden in a work boot.

Steward was arrested and booked into the Mayes County Jail where Hokett interviewed him. In the interview, Steward allegedly stated there were no meth labs in Salina.

“He stated that the city council was not far from it, that the council is involved on the lowdown,” according to Hokett’s report.

Steward allegedly told Hokett that talking to Hokett was “going to make him dead.”

Steward allegedly said “the bar was at one time a meth ring that was slinging and as of right now they are building it back, and that a city council member was slinging.”

Steward was charged with a felony count of indecent exposure in 2008 but the charges were dismissed. He was charged with first-degree rape in 1996.







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