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Two women have been arrested in connection with the investigation into a rash of mail thefts that plagued Bear Valley Springs prior to Christmas — and the juvenile previously charged with mail theft has been re-arrested on additional charges.Nancy L. Booth

On Dec. 22 Bear Valley Police previously reported the arrest of a juvenile in connection with the thefts. At the time of the arrest, Bear Valley Police recovered evidence linking the juvenile to 42 mail thefts.

In a news release on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 28, Police Chief Rod Walthers said that after the arrest, Bear Valley Police furthered their investigation which led police to submit and receive a search warrant of the juvenile’s residence located in the 26000 block of Ironwood Court in Bear Valley Springs.

On the morning of Dec. 26, Bear Valley Police executed said search warrant and found the juvenile in possession of an illegal loaded firearm along with ammunition, methamphetamine, possession of stolen property, and more mail thefts.Susan B. Little

In addition to the juvenile being arrested, the juvenile’s mother, Nancy Louise Booth, 50, was also arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Booth’s roommate, Susan Brittany Little, 27, who was residing in the house during the investigation, was found to be wanted on felony “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” charges from California City. She also was taken into custody.

After the arrests, Walthers said, the juvenile was booked at Bear Valley PD on the additional charges and then transported to Juvenile Hall located in Bakersfield. Little was booked at Bear Valley PD on the outstanding bench warrant and then transported the Kern County Jail in Bakersfield. Booth was also booked at Bear Valley PD; however due to Prop. 47, she was issued a misdemeanor citation and released.








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