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CALIPATRIA – A 54-year-old woman visiting Calipatria State Prison was arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana into the prison on Friday.54a1a99082a43_image

Cynthia Elrod of Big Bear was schedule for a two-day family visit with her son, inmate Mike Canales who was convicted of second-degree murder, when staff noticed the strong smell of marijuana coming from her, said Lt. Everardo Silva, prison public information office/administrative assistant.

Elrod appeared nervous and evasive when questioned by staff and later informed staff that she did have contraband on her.

Elrod relinquished one bindle during a search, and that bindle contained four smaller ones.

Two bindles contained a total of 22 grams of methamphetamine with an estimated prison value of $22,000. One bindle contained 21.5 grams of heroin with an estimated prison value of $15,750 and the last bindle contained a little more than six grams of marijuana with an estimated prison value of $1,525.

If successfully smuggled in, the drugs would have had a total estimated prison value of more than $39,000.

Evidence collected linked Canales to the crime, and he was placed in the prison’s administrative segregation unit which is a jail within the prison.

Elrod was booked into Imperial County jail and if convicted, faces three to five years in prison.








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