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LAWTON, Okla._Lawton police arrested two people Saturday morning after they were tipped off about a meth delivery.


Detectives were told about a delivery containing eight ounces of methamphetamine, who had it and where it was going. The detectives arrived at the suspected location on Northwest 62nd Street and saw a silver Nissan van in the driveway. The driver, Julian Tello-Gonzalez, and his wife, Guadalupe Lopez, were removed from the vehicle and a K9 unit was called in.

Kano, the K9 unit, gave a positive alert on the vehicle. Officers found a large bag hidden under a panel near the shifter. The bag contained approximately 232 grams (8.18 ounces) of suspected methamphetamine. The bag’s contents were field tested and gave a positive result for being methamphetamine.

Tello-Gonzalez and Lopez were arrested on a complaint of trafficking methamphetamine.








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