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Kidnapped Border Patrol – U.S. federal authorities are investigating a claim that a Border Patrol officer in Texas has been kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel. Reports indicate that a Mexican man claiming to be a member of the drug cartel called a small Texas town police department on Thursday around 7.p.m.threatening to kill a […]

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Glenn Lagrew sat in Portland City Hall wearing a freshly pressed light-green shirt, a tie tight on his neck. In the packed council chambers, people embraced, slapping each other on the back and giving long, drawn-out hugs. The day of celebration — June 26, 2014 — saw 19 men and women graduate from the Service […]

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She started using marijuana at 6 and turned to methamphetamine at 15 when her nightmares persisted after being raped for the second time in two years. Now 25, Ashley Greylock has three happy children and a career and has been drug-free for more than three years. As a young girl, Greylock saw her parents abuse […]

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Police say following the felony narcotics arrest of a Shoals man on Christmas Eve, they found drugs along with several thousands of rounds of ammunition, guns, military grade armor and a police radio at the suspect’s residence. On Dec. 24, Daniel Jackson was arrested by Trooper Lents of the Indiana State Police. Later that day, […]

The Faces of Meth

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Jail Deputy Bret King wanted to get a look at the woman’s face, but she was a blur, bouncing around a holding cell, kicking and clawing at the air. Ramped-up on methamphetamine, her hair a sweat-drenched mop, the woman wrestled a demon only she could see. Through the cell’s thick glass, King heard her shriek […]

Ten years ago, The Oregonian published eight people’s mugshots as part of a story on the Faces of Meth, an anti-drug campaign based in Portland. The campaign, which launched in 2004, used side-by-side, before-and-after mugshots of those who frequented Multnomah County Jail, usually on methamphetamine-related charges. Their photos showed in shocking clarity the devastating effects […]

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AMARILLO: The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has conducted a traffic stop on here the other day, and stopped the car on traffic violation during the checking DPS seized 100 pounds of marijuana valued at over $360,000 and 11 pounds of methamphetamine valued at over $131,000. At approximately 11:15 am here the other day, […]

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DOBSON — With two major busts in the past week, Surry Sheriff Graham Atkinson thinks headway is being made in battling the county’s methamphetamine problem — but the war is not over. “There’s other stuff that’s still out there,” Atkinson said Wednesday of meth activity in Surry. Yet he acknowledges that one of the busts […]

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WATERTOWN — Four people were charged by city police Thursday morning after officers received a tip about a methamphetamine lab operating at 502 Academy St. Police charged Stephanie M. Ebdon, 24, of 502 Academy St., Apt. 2; Aaron M. Peabody, 25, of 16406 Route 11; George J. Lewis, 33, of 661 Factory St., Apt. 32, […]

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Fred Shafer sat in a downtown park deciding if today was the day he should die. He had walked there from the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, where he had watched the Missouri River below. One smack, he thought. One smack and it’s all over. It was a beautiful day. Sitting in the park, he thought […]

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MIDKIFF – “The worst I’ve seen in my career,” was how Chief Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy J.J. Napier described the scene at a meth bust in the Midkiff area last week. According to a criminal complaint on file in Lincoln County Magistrate Court, deputies responded Monday evening, December 15, 2014, following a tip regarding a […]

WILLET — A Cortland County woman is facing animal abuse charges following an investigation by the Cortland Community SPCA. 47-year-old Sharon K. Lienemann was hit with five counts of animal cruelty following an investigation from October of this year. Lienemann was already in custody on meth manufacturing charges. One dog and two cats were removed […]

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LANCASTER – It was the smell of chemicals wafting from a garage on Lancaster’s southwest side Tuesday afternoon that prompted an anonymous call to the Lancaster Police Department. Two men and a woman were arrested after police walked up to the home, 100 Williamsburg Lane, and saw a bottle of lighter fluid, a green one-liter […]

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LANCASTER – Two Berlin residents were indicted Friday on charges of operating a methamphetamine lab at their 101 Maple Street residence. Linda Greenlay, 44, and Anthony Elwell, 40, of Berlin were each charged with one count of manufacture of a controlled drug and two counts of attempt to manufacture methamphetamine. The pair was arrested in […]

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Meridian Police apprehended an allegedly-intoxicated man following a high-speed pursuit Tuesday night. Police arrested Michael Angelo Sapp after Sapp after a chase that led throughout parts of Meridian. Police responded to a McDonald’s located at 195 E. Central around 9:18 p.m. for a possible drunk driver in the drive thru. They attempted to stop the […]

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Late Wednesday morning, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office revised the number of “one-pot” meth cook bottles located on Flatwoods Road in Tuesday’s drug bust. Police are now reporting that 80 were recovered, along with approximately 250 gas generator bottles. Arrested in the incident is Tara N. Puckett, 26, and her husband Daniel G. Puckett, 27. […]

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OTTUMWA – Search warrants reveal that an Ottumwa drug bust in late October may have been connected to the most significant methamphetamine distributor in Iowa. The Ottumwa Police Department assisted in a local meth bust, which was part of a federal investigation. The Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement (IDNE) worked with confidential informants to bring […]

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After investigating, officers discovered the people at the house were purchasing the maximum amount of pseudoephedrine allowed by the state each month so they could make meth. We talked with Sullivan County Public Information Officer, Leslie Earhart, and she told us, “At that point, {we} contacted the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force to respond and begin […]

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Update: The children have been found safe, according to The Northwest Florida Daily News, who will continue to update details as they are learned. FORT WALTON BEACH, Florida — The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office has issued a missing/endangered child alert for three children believed to be with their biological father, according to officials. Deputies were […]

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An Iowa City man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance Tuesday after he let police into his house in May to investigate an alleged home invasion. Jeremy T. Davis of 1016 Diana St. was arrested early Tuesday morning on charges of possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, marijuana […]

If it seems like methamphetamine busts in the Houston area have become more frequent, that may be because this highly addictive substance is proliferating in and around the city. From 2009 to November 2014, the Texas Department of Public Safety’s seized more than 451,000 grams of meth in Houston. According to the Chronicle’s John Harden, […]

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A psychiatrist determined that a woman who was allegedly on drugs when she drove into a group of cyclists on Fiesta Island, critically injuring one rider, is mentally competent to stand trial, but a judge Monday agreed to a defense request for a second evaluation. Theresa Owens, 49, is charged with driving under the influence […]

  In the end, there were no tears or public apologies. Sarah and Jamie Mangus — the two homeless parents accused of wandering around Portland for hours instead of bringing their newborn meth-addicted daughter to the hospital — showed little emotion as they admitted Tuesday to causing their daughter’s death.    They were sentenced to […]

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A former Easton Area High School football star faces a slew of charges after a drug raid Monday morning in Palmer Township, a Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, police sergeant reports.   Sean Burgio, 32, who was a 1,000-yard rusher for the Red Rovers early this century, was arrested without incident outside the home where he lived […]

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BUCHANAN COUNTY (KWWL) – Independence Police say a Waterloo woman brought methamphetamine into a jail. Police arrested 24-year-old Sarah Brown Sunday. During a traffic stop, police say they found meth, a meth pipe and stolen prescription drugs in Brown’s car. Police believe Brown was driving with meth in her system with her two children in […]