In November, a 51-year-old man who lives off Stinsonville Road in Macon said he met a recovering meth addict as she was walking down the street. The woman, 34, had nowhere to live. The man, according to a Bibb sheriff’s report, said she could stay at his place.

In mid-November, he went out of town but let the woman continue living there.

When he returned a week or so later, two of his TVs, some computer gear and a stereo were gone. Also missing was what an incident report described as a gold “1963 George Washington Bedspread” with 24-karat gold trim worth $10,000. “He stated that he did have the appraisal paperwork,” the report said. The homeowner took the woman to stay at a motel.

A deputy later spoke to the woman. She said she had no idea who took the guy’s stuff.

The deputy talked to a fellow in her motel room. He denied going to the man’s house.

According to the report, he said he “knew it was bad news.”

He said the recovering addict was a prostitute and that the homeowner was “a frequent customer,” adding that when you “put crackheads and prostitutes together you are looking for trouble.”









  1. Doc says:

    Seriously?? What was he thinking????