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DALLAS — Josh Vazquez lives in the same far southeast Dallas home where he grew up. But he said the streets where he once rode his bike as a child are now too dangerous for his own two children to play.

“I fear for my life, and — at the same time — I had to stand my ground,” he said. “This is my house. This is my domain.”

Just around the corner from his house, four people were shot inside a home in the 2000 block of Ben Hur Street. Police said two people were found dead inside the house and a third died at the hospital. The fourth person was wounded.

No identities were released.

It’s in an area Dallas police call “high risk,” and where officers take extra precautions.

A sign posted on the fence asks people not to trespass, litter or drink. It also lists a 10 p.m. curfew. But neighbors said there are often people coming and going at all times of the night and early morning.

As many as 10 people may have been inside the residence when the shootings took place, according to a man who said he was there. Police are still looking for suspects, and shared few details about what happened.

Neighbors had their own ideas.

“I don’t know,” speculated Peter Ware. “Drug deal gone bad?”

Meth. Methamphetamine,” Vazquez concluded. “That’s all you see around here.”

Both men said drugs have brought crime and violence to what used to be an ordinary working class neighborhood. The sound of gunfire is not unusual anymore.

“It’s just too close and too many,” said Ware. “Just about every night. And it’s high caliber weapons.”

Ware was out riding his bike in the neighborhood, the first time in a while. He said he mostly keeps to himself now.

Vazquez said his own home has been broken into three times. He added burglar bars to the front. He has a pit bull dog and a gun for protection. He calls police whenever he sees anything out of the ordinary.

“It’s horrible to have to live that way, but this is my roots. This is my house,” Vazquez said.

He would like to see more police presence in the neighborhood, but until then, he said he’ll continue to keep a close eye on his home and his surroundings.








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