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KERN COUNTY, Calif. – Kern County’s Mental Health Department has released their latest methamphetamine impact study, which took an in-depth look at meth use throughout the county over the past six years, and officials are seeing a moderate to sharp upward trend.

The last study was conducted in March 2008, and about 40-percent of all felony prosecutions in the county included meth offenses, but that number is now well over 50-percent.

“Kern County is larger than the state of Massachusetts, so it’s a very large county with a lot of rural areas that would make it very attractive to cook dope,” said Chief Environmental Health Specialist Brian Pitts.

The district attorney’s office saw the biggest spike in meth cases in Mojave, which includes Tehachapi, jumping from 50 to 70 thousand in one year.

Lake Isabella has not had its own jurisdiction since 2009-their cases are now directed to Mojave, which could be one reason for the increase in the Mojave area.

The Kern Stop Meth Now Coalition wants to make the public aware of their latest findings with a community forum, on Monday, January 5th, at 9 am in the Board of Supervisor’s Chambers at 1115 Truxtun Avenue.








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