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54ab5fb008298_imageYuma Sector Border Patrol agents seized 55 pounds of liquid meth, worth approximately $510,000, on New Year’s Day.

Agent Juan A. Santana said agents working the Border Patrol checkpoint near Wellton referred a vehicle to secondary inspection following a canine alert.

 “The canine alerted to the gas cap area of the vehicle,” Santana said. “It gave agents an indication of where to start their search of the vehicle.”

After receiving consent from the driver to conduct a search, agents found 18 packages filled with a combined 6.63 gallons of liquid methamphetamine hidden in the gas tank.

The narcotics and driver were turned over to Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

Methamphetamine in liquid form is much more valuable than the powdered crystallized form. For example, according to the Border Patrol’s figures, had the same amount of crystal meth been found, its street value would only have been about $5,000 a pound, or about $250,000 for the entire shipment.

Locally, however, the price was far less. Santana said using local street value figures provided by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, the same shipment would cost roughly $3,000 a pound or $165,000 in total.

Santana explained that once at its destination, the liquid, which is usually water, is boiled away, leaving the drug in its solid form — the most sought-after form on the street.








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