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Marijuana, pills and alcohol may have been staples of wild teen parties in the past, but more and more, students are using heroin and methamphetamine, an undercover Newport Beach police detective told members of the Corona del Mar High School PTA at a meeting Wednesday.

“In the past few years, especially here and in other affluent communities, there’s a pretty disturbing trend,” said the officer, whose name is being withheld at the department’s request to protect his anonymity. “There’s a trend from marijuana. Now we’re seeing a lot of people getting into heroin — black tar heroin — as young as junior high. They get hooked at 15 or 16 years old, and it’s a lifelong struggle to stay off.”

The officer, along with school resource officer Vlad Anderson and a drug-addiction expert, spoke to about 40 members of the PTA at the group’s first meeting of the new year.

The undercover officer demonstrated how someone would heat a piece of foil, with heroin on top, to create smoke that can be inhaled, often through an empty pen cartridge.

“Kids shouldn’t be carrying around foil,” he said. “And if they are, they’re probably not making a sandwich.”

If the foil has black marks, smoke stains or a vinegar smell, the officer said, it could indicate drug use.

Anderson said he knew of one young adult who died in the past year in Newport Coast of a drug overdose. Officers did not provide information about drug use on the Corona del Mar High School campus specifically but said drugs are a countywide problem.

Police try to identify and arrest dealers, the undercover officer said, but arrests don’t eliminate the problems.

“We never can really stem the flow,” he said. “If there’s a demand, there always will be a supply.”

Meth, he said, also is a problem, with some users taking both narcotics.

Anderson also set up a display showing different drugs and paraphernalia, as well as antiseptic wipes for PTA members to use if they touched the display.








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