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A Montgomery County woman who tried to hide her meth pipe from a constable’s deputy ended up going to jail anyway, by way of the emergency room.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, Christina Marie Searcy was part of a carload of Cleveland residents arrested about 6 p.m. Friday on U.S. 59 near Texas 242, during a bad-check investigation.

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When the deputy stopped the car, he smelled marijuana and a marijuana cigarette fell out as the driver, Kevin Hales, opened the door, the Police Reporter said. A search of the car turned up a coin purse with several small plastic bags of cocaine.

Hales and his three passengers — Christina Marie Searcy, Kimberly Kinn and Melanda Robertson — were taken to the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, where the deputy warned them against trying to sneak contraband into the county jail.


Kinn handed over a methamphetamine-smoking pipe she had hidden in her bra, and Searcy tried to retrieve her meth pipe but found it stuck in her vagina. She was taken to Kingwood Medical Center’s emergency room where medical staff removed it. The pipe allegedly field-tested positive for meth, as did Kinn’s, the Police Reporter said.

The bad-check charges fizzled out when the account owner declined to press charges, but all four suspects ended up in jail for drug possession.








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