According to our media partner NewsNow Dubois County, Dubois County Coroner Bob Veatch Monday afternoon confirmed that all three people who died in an apartment fire back on November 26th, died from asphyxia due to soot inhalation. Furthermore, test results showed all the three victims had detectable levels of narcotics in their bloodstreams, the coroner said.

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Alex Snedeker, 20, Linsey Parsley, 20, and her three-year-old son Robert Parsley all died in the early morning fire on November 26.

The autopsy report also states that blood tests on both Snedeker and Linsey Parsley showed positive levels of methamphetamine and marijuana, the coroner said

Veatch also said that Linsey Parsley’s blood also tested positive for amphetamines and benzodiazepines.

Veatch says the narcotics were not a direct factor in their deaths, but says the levels found in the two of the adults could have hindered their ability in getting out of the apartment before they were overcome by smoke.

Veatch says a trace of methamphetamine was found in the young boy’s blood, but says the level was so low he believes the boy inhaled methamphetamine that was in the smoke coming from the fire.  He did say there is no way to verify how the meth actually got into the child’s blood.

Jasper Fire Chief Ken Hochgesang says Robert Parsley had been taken from his bedroom and all three victims were found near a window in another room. Snedeker and Linsey Parsley were pronounced dead at the scene. Robert Parsley was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital where he died a short time later.tukryklykrk

Hochgesang told NewsNow Dubois County at the scene that morning that batteries were removed from the downstairs smoke detector and that it appeared the upstairs smoke detectors were not operational.

The Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office told Hochgesang the fire started in a dryer vent in the upstairs apartment where the three victims lived and were found.








  1. breonna says:

    Alex snedeker was my brother so i love him and he never did drugs