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A woman who ran an immigrant stash house at a South Side rental home is now facing up to life in federal prison after San Antonio police reported finding more than a kilogram of methamphetamine at her new digs.

Mirta Pellicier Colon, 52, is on federal probation for using the previous home to hold undocumented immigrants before they were smuggled to their destinations further inland. Now she has been charged with possession with intent to distribute meth, which could carry a sentence of between 10 years and life in prison without parole.

SAPD narcotics officers had been investigating her after getting a tip that she was distributing large amounts of narcotics. This week, officers followed her and watched as she went to a home in the 16000 block of Pleasanton Road, which is known for drug distribution and “fencing” stolen items, court records said.

Investigators stopped her vehicle for a traffic violation and found small baggies of cocaine, meth and heroin, according to court records.

They asked if she had any drugs at home, and she told them she had more meth, documents state. After getting her consent to search the home — the address was not disclosed — officers said they found 1.5 kilos of meth.

In 2012, Homeland Security agents and San Antonio police raided a home in the 4300 block of Commercial Road and found more than 20 illegal entrants, as local TV stations aired the raid. Some of the immigrants’ relatives were apparently shaken down for more money to pay smuggling fees. Colon, who rented the home, was arrested and later pleaded guilty for her role in that smuggling operation.

Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery sentenced her to the five months she spent in jail awaiting trial and five years of probation. The judge also promised to send her to prison for up to 10 years if she messed up.

Colon is scheduled for a bail hearing on Monday, and she faces an uphill battle to get released because of the immigrant-smuggling conviction. She also faces possible revocation of her probation.








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