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It’s not a statistic to be proud of, but Jefferson County is near the top of the rankings for the most meth lab cases last year.

Kristyna Mills is the county’s chief assistant district attorney and she says meth is making a comeback, mostly because of how easy it is to make. Watch the video for her live interview on7 News This Morning.

With 25 cases in 2014, Jefferson County ranks second in the state for meth lab cases, Mills said, the most since about a decade ago. The county had a total of 25 cases in 2003 and 2004.

With the recent cases added to the earlier ones, Jefferson County is first in the state since 1999, with a total of 70 cases. St. Lawrence County, by contrast, had 27 cases in the same time frame.

The reason for the resurgence, she said, is because of changes in the way meth is made.

 “It’s a much easier cook, it’s a much more mobile cook,” Mills said. “They can cook out of a backpack, they can cook out of a car — they can cook anywhere.

“They put all the ingredients that they need in a soda bottle and they can cook mobily anywhere.”

Meth labs are dangerous, she said, and the results can be serious if they aren’t done correctly.

“They’re extremely dangerous,” she said. “There is a high risk of explosion, of fire.”

Some recent fires, she said, have been caused by meth labs.

Mills said the public should look out for meth lab waste, such as empty Coleman fuel bottles, acetone, cold packs and cut-open lithium batteries.








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