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Great Bend Township, Susquehanna County –  Three emergency responders had to be taken to the hospital after fighting a fire that sparked from a possible meth lab explosion.Great Bend Township, Susquehanna County

The fire happened in Great Bend Township Susquehanna County.

By Saturday morning the emergency responders were all out of the hospital, but caution tape remained at the home on the building in the 300 block of Main Street where the fire happened.

One neighbor witnessed the fire, but didn’t want to be identified. He Eyewitness News that told another neighbor was in the second floor apartment where the fire apparently started.

“He was there and saw the explosion,” the neighbor, said. “He said it was a huge explosion.”

The man also said firefighters coming out of the building had to be hosed down, which surprised him because of the cold temperatures.

“We were in single digit temperatures,” he said. “Like four, five, six degrees. They were hosing them (the firefighters) down! So I thought this must be something poisonous.”

Other neighbors who live in the area tell Eyewitness News the people who live in the second floor apartment constantly have their windows open, with fans on, even in the winter time.

Neighbors also said the police have been to the house before.

Jennifer Seaman moved out of the apartment, where the fire happened, last year. She said she hasn’t spoken with the people who moved into her old place.

“How could it have gone on for so long,” Seamen asked. “It’s scary to think it was so close.”

The neighbor who didn’t to be identified said it was fortunate nothing else caught on fire.

“I think the neighborhood was extremely lucky that the fire was such contained as it was,” he said. “Because when was it last week, or sometime, in Binghamton a whole apartment building exploded on a meth lab.”

Firefighters said someone who lives in the second floor apartment was also hurt during the fire, but their condition wasn’t available.

As of 6 p.m. there was still no word on an official cause of the fire.







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